Very rarely do learning management systems (Blackboard, Angel, D2L, etc.) do math well.  However this is definitely the exception.

Personally, I use Moodle as an LMS on TeachingCollegeMath to host discussion groups and workshop materials.  It’s free, it’s relatively painless to get it up and running, and frankly, it tends to get features that incorporate new technologies faster than the other guys.

One thing that Moodle does particularly well is math.  Just turn on the LaTeX editor and you’re good to go.  When I was getting started, I asked Bob to make us a tutorial on how to get your math editing up and running in Moodle.  Kindly, he obliged (click here) and I was surprised how easy it is.   I swear, this one is painless.  First, you turn on TeX notation in Moodle:


Then you can use TeX or use MathType to paste the TeX into Moodle!  Since I am notoriously bad at using TeX, Bob was nice enough to make me a second video showing us exactly how to go from MathType to Moodle.  The surprising part?  You can go in reverse too!  Just drag the equations from Moodle back to MathType!  Watch the video to see how.


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