Casio is undoubtedly trying to break TI’s hold on the handheld calculator market, and really, their newest calculator is definitely sleeker than TI’s new nSpire, so I, for one, am willing to look. Here are the new contenders in the handheld graphing calculator battle:

In this corner, the TI-nSpire, weighing in at $159.99 and 80ish buttons.

And in this corner, the underdog, Casio fx-9860G Slim, weighing in at $99.99 with 32 buttons and a flip top case. (hmm… remind you of any other handy pocket accessory that students carry?)

If you will complete Casio’s demonstration/online training course on using the fx-9860G Slim, then they will give you a $100 debit card, which you can either use to purchase the calculator, or use for other supplies.

Here is the press release with all the details. The press release tells you to go to the Casio Educator website. To actually participate you need to get a casio account and go through the training. This is only available while supplies last, and it takes a little while to “be approved” for the online course, so don’t drag your feet on this one!

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