On my way to meet my touring group, I stumbled upon the Vienna Gay Pride parade while trying to find a U-Bahn stop. It was obvious from the music and smiles (and beer) that everyone (pedestrians and participants) were having a great time. I am posting a couple of the photos of the best of the bunch.

In particular, I liked this float for the “chubby” gay population. It’s nice to know that even the overweight have an accepting community (although they were one of the more subdued groups on the floats).

It was so nice to see that everyone who turned out for the parade (at least all those that I saw) were supportive of alternative lifestyles. I did not see any angry protesters or disgusted looks. I always hear of the U.S. as a “melting pot,” but often you hear people commenting on how they dislike certain immigrant, sexually-oriented, or minority groups. Do you think that Europeans are just more tolerant of differences amongst people?

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