It’s that time of year when we all try to schedule meetings for clubs or committees for the fall semester – only there’s that problem of finding the ultimate compatible meeting time. For this upcoming semester, I’ve been using a little program called Doodle ( to find that ideal meeting time. You can see two examples below.

This program is super-simple to use (both for the setup and the participants). After you set up a poll, it will send you a link to the poll. Simply copy and paste the link into your own email (or website) and send it out to the folks you want to participate. Participants can go back to the poll and change their information, and all this can be done without a username and password. However, if you’re going to administer a bunch of these polls, I’d recommend a username and password for you so that you can easily keep track of them all.

You can even go back in and edit the poll to add another date or time (as I did in the second example). When you add a time to the poll, it puts a ? in for any participant who has not yet responded to the new part. You can send a second request for participation, and everyone just “edits” their information.

All in all, I’ve got to say this is one of the easiest web-based programs I have ever used – and I’ve now got meeting times for both events with a minimum of hassle!

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