Okay, this is a bit embarassing. I’ve been having a busyness swing lately and so I haven’t been sleeping well. So on some nights I take a doctor-prescribed sleeping pill, which works really well. But if I haven’t done something non-mathy before I go to sleep, I still dream about math all night, and that sucks.

So last night I took my sleeping pill, and then called my friend Keri to chat before I got sleepy. I was all comfy in the darkened living room, under a warm blanket, enjoying at the Christmas lights while we talked. Then, all of a sudden the house was dark and it was 4am. Confused, I went to bed.

This morning I worked out that I must’ve fallen asleep while we were talking on the phone! I could remember parts of the conversation, but I couldn’t remember the end and I had no recollection of hanging up the phone.

So tonight I called Keri to apologize, and she said “well, you did warn me that you had just taken a sleeping pill” and she said it was actually pretty comical to listen to my sentences get less and less coherent and more spaced apart. Thank god she had the common sense to keep trying to wake me up enough to get me to turn off the phone before I really passed out!

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