As I was walking around our property today, it seemed that there are an awful lot of feeders and houses to maintain here.

The birdhouse we bought at a silent auction fundraiser.

The log-cabin bird feeder.

The covered-bridge birdfeeder we bought at an art fair last year (we are trying… unsuccessfully… to buy another feeder from the same artisans to replace the log cabin feeder that’s in the backyard).

The “swing” birdfeeder that now hangs from the porch.

The “Squirrel Buster” which the chicadees and finches really seem to like (also Halley and Sisco since all the dropped seed falls onto the deck).

Wood Duck house.

Deer feeder (and 2nd wood duck house).

It occurs to me that we may eventually experience financial hardship from feeding the birds. But it is nice to have their company, and Taggart sure enjoys watching the birds… we call it “Taggart TV.”

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