Today’s Guest Blogger is Robert Foth, from Pima Community College.

I am very fortunate to work on a campus that allows me to explore new ideas and technology and how to use them in the classroom (online or face to face).
Last Halloween I was asked to give a quick talk on campus and I decided to make a little project out of that talk (using some of the tools involved). The talk was about using Audacity and YouTube to enhance classroom presentations and content. You can watch the talk here.

In the presentation I give a quick demo on how to use Audacity, where to go to download videos (or just the audio) of youtube clips, and how I use the Flip Video Recorder. The idea was to get the faculty (adjuncts and full-time) to think about presenting content in a more dynamic way they just the use of text.

Thanks Robert for your post! To find Maria in India, go here.

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