I’m about to teach a few new courses here at Muskegon Community College.  It’s taught out of the Continuing Ed Department and they are part of a program we’re calling “Digital Age Bootcamp.”

Even if you don’t live anywhere near enough to the Muskegon area to take it, you might be interested in the content and in beginning a similar course at your college.  The program is designed to help people who are already working professionals to “catch up” with technology.

Digital AgeBoot Camp
You know how to use the basics (document software, spreadsheet software, and presentation software), but now there’s all this other web-based technology that’s being used in business and education.  If you’re feeling like technology has left you behind, or you’re starting to feel like your employees may know more about technology than you do, these sessions are designed to get you caught up.

Organize Your Digital Self: In these sessions, you will learn how to harness the power of the web to find and organize information, collaborate easily with your colleagues, use social media effectively and safely, communicate online, get control of your email, generally use technology to organize yourself and streamline your workflow.  In each session we’ll have time to play hands-on with the technologies of the day.  Everyone should leave feeling more comfortable with today’s web tools.

  • Internet Query and Link Management
  • Websites and HTML
  • Calendars, Scheduling and Project Management
  • Blogs, Wikis, and RSS
  • Social Media
  • Email, Desktop and Passwords
  • Organize Your Learning
  • Photos, Illustrations, and Videos
  • Web Communication Tools

Monday nights, 7-10pm, October 5 – November 16, Muskegon Community College Rm. L261, $200  (call 231-777-0348 to register or click here).

Presentations for the Digital Age: You know how to use PowerPoint or Keynote, but have you learned how to create an engaging presentation?  There are ways to make slide presentations engaging and effective.  We’ll start with good digital design principals for the standard “deck of slides” presentation and move on to creating other types of digital presentations (e.g. screencasts and webinars).  You should plan to bring at least one presentation that you’d like to design (or redesign) for this course.

  • General digital design principles
  • Non-linear slide presentations
  • Learn ways to dump the slides altogether
  • Create engaging webinars
  • Record informative screencasts and video

Monday nights, 7-10pm, November 30 – December 14, Muskegon Community College Rm. L261, $100  (call 231-777-0348 to register or click here)

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