Someone told me I’ve developed “tech lust.” When I’m done with this latest project (Activities and Assessments for Intermediate Algebra), I’m totally buying a new computer. This is the one I am lusting after (built by Alienware – it’s called the Area 51). As an avid X-Files fan, how can I resist a computer with an alien logo?

Gaming computers (like the Alienware systems) are built for speed, internet, and graphics – all of which I use and abuse. Why soup up a Dell or HP when I can just buy one that’s built for abuse. Plus – there is the cool green glow. As a fan of Star Trek, I’m reminded of the motto of the Borg: Resistance is Futile.

UPDATE: My husband informs me I can save $800 by buying a Dell instead (same specs). With some green LED Christmas lights, I can line my desk with a green glow and try to get the same “alien” effect. He’s probably right … sigh. Plus it would be more environmentally-conscious of me.

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