We saw a LOT of art in D.C. We visited the Freer and Sackler Galleries, the National Museum of African Art, the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, and the National Gallery of Art (both wings).

It might be worth mentioning (to those of you who also have a planned visit to D.C. in your future) that you can accidentally wander from the Sackler Gallery to the Museum of African Art without leaving any buildings. Just be aware. I spent about 30 minutes thinking that it was a bit strange for the museum for Asian art to be displaying so many exhibits of African art. Eventually I figured out that I had switched museums … my slow uptake on that must’ve been due to the almost 100 degree heat all weekend.
This is our version of contemporary art/photography … photographed in the curved windows of the Hirschorn Museum. I loved the exhibit on the basement level of the Hirschorn Museum – contemporary art by emerging artists – some very cool stuff. Worth mentioning was the beautiful hanging mobile/sculpture made completely from dry cleaning hangars with the white paper on them.

The Smithsonian Castle gardens are truly some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. No doubt we would have spent more time in them if the heat hadn’t been so much.

Here’s Carol, talking to her mom and dad from D.C. Ironic, I survived without my computer, but Carol didn’t survive without a cell phone. Of course, Carol will probably point out that I did “borrow” their computer for 10 minutes the first night to post calculus exam grades.

This photo really turned out much better than I thought it had. In person, you could easily make out where the sculpture ends (it really does get smaller and smaller as it rises). But in this picture, it appears to just fade into the horizon. We are getting closer to a discussion of how the infinite can be finite in Calculus. This seems to be a good picture representing how the finite can appear infinite!

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