So we didn’t see much wildlife in the Periyar National Park. We made up for it in the rest of the day.

After our Ayurvedic massages (very nice, 80 minutes for $13), we went back to the hotel for a shower and then we began hearing the strangest noises. It sounded like a cat-dog fight, but something was a little off. Turns out there were monkeys in the trees around our hotel (and on the roof) and someone had let a dog out onto the roof to chase them away. I’m sure that if Sisco was here, he’d get the monkeys to back down!

Later in the afternoon, several of us went for an elephant ride.

When you’re riding an elephant, you get a different perspective on the foliage. You can feel the powerful back muscles of the elephant under you as it moves. I reached down and scratched our ride between the ears (that’s a big space). The skin has stiff long hairs and our elephant had pink polka dots on her ears. I leave you with the view when you’re on the back of an elephant!

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