Okay, my husband just built me a wall of shelves for my office and so it was time for that “between-semesters-cleaning” of the home office, thus there may be a lot of posts of articles I found in my office. I just stumbled across a magazine file that was full of Humanistic Mathematics journals.

The last article in Journal #22 caught my eye, it is called Mathematics and Sex, by Yan Kow Cheong. It consists of numerous comparisons of … you guessed it… mathematics and sex. Here are some of my favorites; notice the last one really does have to do with math & technology.

1. Success in proving a theorem is immensely satisfying. Success in attaining orgasm is immensly satisfying.

2. Fear of mathematical performance. Fear of sexual performance.

3. Mathematical knowledge is not of great use unless it arises from, or can be integrated with, experience. Sexual knowledge is not of much use unless it is accompanied by practice and experience.

4. Abstract mathematics is repulsive to immature young minds. Unorthodox sex knowledge is repulsive to immature young minds.

5. Math manipulatives meet the desires of the mathematically curious. Sex gadgets meet the desires of the sexually curious.

6. Lying in math is common: you never tell the whole truth to simplify your explanation. Lying about sexual matters is common: you never tell the whole truth to avoid hurting your partner.

7. The cardinal sin of division by zero results in a mathematical breakdown (fallacy & paradox). The cardinal sin of adultery results in a marital breakdown (divorce & separation).

8. Cybermath will revolutionize the teaching and learning of mathematics. Virtual mathematics will substitute tutoring. Cybersex will revolutionize sex education. Virtual sex will substitute prostitution.

If you would now like to read the rest of the list, you can follow this link to the online pdf of Journal #22, and scroll down to page 44.

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