I got up early on Sunday morning to wander around Vienna before the crowds. One of the churches I stumbled upon was the Votiv Church (above), which is currently being renovated. The renovation is expected to take 20 years. All the stained glass windows are new, as the old ones had been destroyed – the colors were amazing!

The next church on our tour is St. Peter’s church. In my lost wonderings of Vienna, I kept running into this one by accident. The outside was not much to look at, but the inside was beautiful! It was very peaceful in the morning and the organist was practicing, so it was a very nice atmosphere.

Last on the list of Vienna churches that I visited is St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Stephansdom). All of my pictures of the outside are on my film camera, so follow the link if you want to see the outside. I thought the most breathtaking part was the darkly-colored stained glass above the organ in the back balcony of the church and the enormous pipes of the organ on the main floor.

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