It has been rainy in Krakow. This makes it good for catching up on computer stuff.

Last night I went to see a Chopin concert at the 17th Century Antique House. It was a lovely (and intimate – 40 people) concert. Something in the piano squeaked, and that was a little distracting. I think they might invest in a new piano (or maybe some WD-40).

This morning I got up early to go to Wawel Castle (above). I started on the “State Room Tour” which is self-guided, but somehow I ended up on an english-speaking tour of the Royal Apartments. The tour is always better with an English guide, but I couldn’t figure out how you got on one of those at the ticket booth. But all’s well that ends well, and fate intervened and put me into the tour I wanted. I loved this rain spout shaped like the head of a dragon.

My trip to the castle ended with the “Dragon’s Den”. Theoretically, there was originally a dragon in Krakow, and there’s some story that goes with the dragon, but I didn’t quite catch that.

This is the “dragon’s den.”

One of the churches on the walk to Wawel castle.

I have been having photo management issues for the last two days. The extra 1 GB card that I brought with me turned out to be full of photos from our trip to Turkey, and I am still not sure whether those are actually downloaded at home. I have just burned 712 pictures to a DVD and have very bravely deleted those from the first 1 GB card. Now I have to worry about losing the DVD. Perhaps I will mail it home next time I see a DHL or FedEx office.

We are now heading for the Tatras mountains, and then Brataslava (capital of Slovakia). While in the mountains, we will be with no internet access, so I’ll get back to you in a day or two.

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