So, the semester is over, my PhD classes are done, and the second book is done. You’d think that would mean that my life is less busy – and I think it is (kind of). However…

I was just voted in as president-elect of MichMATYC (Michigan Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges), and this week I’m leading a week-long workshop on my campus for college math instructors, and there is the 3rd book. Thankfully, the 3rd book is just a compilation of the first two books, so it shouldn’t take very long to do – mostly just a matter of renumbering chapters.

Believe it or not, even with all that going on, things feel lighter. The pressure of lectures and grading papers is off – and that makes a big difference.

Also, I was granted a sabbatical for next year (Jan.-April) and I will use my own banked time to take the summer too (June – August), so I keep telling myself that I will unwind myself (and write the bulk of my dissertation) then.

I’ve been trying to get back to exercising every day, either taking the dogs for walks or going for a swim at the YMCA. I have managed to do this all week I think. The weather is finally nice again here in Michigan – it’s so rejuvinating to see sunshine every day.

My next task is to get back on a regular eat-at-home schedule – I’m afraid we’ve been horribly bad at eating at home for the last few months. Between incompatible schedules and exhaustion for both of us, there just hasn’t been any energy to either plan or cook home meals. If I had the time to calculate how much I’ve spent in McDonald’s breakfasts and eat-out dinners, I would probably be shocked into it … but there hasn’t been time!

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