While in Budapest (sorry – out of order again), walking from our hotel (way too far out of the center of town) back to Heroes’ square… this is about the point that I really appreciated just how much ground we covered on those bicycles, I was passed by a parade of old cars traveling quite fast with a police motorcycle escort. Maybe it was some kind of Hungarian old cars club out for a Saturday drive.

Gary or Carol, if you’re reading this, perhaps you can identify the cars for us.

Okay, to be fair this last car was not in the parade, but it is my absolute favorite car, a Nissan Micra. Why oh why don’t they sell this car in the USA? I have absolutely no idea. It’s cute, it’s small (so it probably would get good gas mileage), and I will be first in line for one if they ever do sell them in the USA. I fell in love with these little Micras in Turkey last year, and I’ve seen them in EVERY SINGLE country that we’ve visited so far. Okay Nissan… why not sell these in America? Too bad I can’t fit one in my backpack to take home. I’ll have to look for a toy version to tide me over.

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