Try this, for $600 (although I could’ve sworn he said $400). Turn your regular whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard (just like a Smartboard). This slim mimio XI whiteboard hardware add on mounts on the board and turns the board into the board you covet. I tried it out and it really works great! The pdf options are there, geometry figures, great graphing grids and math tools. Plus… as an added bonus, you can also write on the board with traditional ink (so no worries about accidentally ruining your expensive hardware), and it can even capture what has been written in traditional ink in the pdf files.

Tim, who is actually an EduTek rep, did a very nice job of covering for the Mimio rep who couldn’t be there. I think Mimio owes him a beer! BTW, this is just a miniature setup for demoing at the conference, you can use mimio on a standard size 4×8 whiteboard and ceiling projection system. I can get three of these for the price of one Smartboard. Yay!

If mimio would like to send me one of these systems to use in my classroom, I will happily do a full-blown technology review for it.

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