I am sitting inside the Internet Cafe (I found another one, not surrounded by teenagers playing MMORPGs). This was my new vocabulary for the day yesterday (Max plays World of Warcraft). Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG, take a look at the Psychology section of this Wikipedia article… very interesting). Consider yourself educated. Jenny and Chris should probably read up on this, as they have 3 boys and will probably not be able to escape this when the boys get a little older.

It is extremely hot here. Again, I’m sure Karen will look up just how hot it is in Novi Sad today. Trust me, it’s hot. You can tell the temperature drops about 10 degrees celsius in the shade. I’ll ask you, would you go down this slide in the park? (photo taken at noon)

So, I’m enjoying the indoor Internet Cafe (in a basement… where it’s cool) at the heat of the day. I plan to re-emerge when it cools off a bit.
Last night I took some night pictures of Novi Sad. Here is the church in the central square. It is not a cathedral, but everybody calls it the Cathedral. The second picture shows the steeple of the church in daylight. It is very beautiful tiling.

Walking through the Danube Park today, there were lots of bodies sleeping in the grass. Now, in most places, the people sleeping in parks tend to be either a) homeless, b) hungover homeless, or 3) nappers, but since last night was the last night of the Exit Festival, I am pretty sure these are all music festival revelers that are not ready to face the day (and the hot train ride home) yet. The music ended this morning at 7am. Because of the festival yesterday, very little is open today. Everyone is taking a holiday.

More scenic views of the park.

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