Here is a little collection of Calculus and Precalculus review materials.

This calculus review website (at San Jose State University) is a nice interactive site that could be used on a campus website to help students review for Calc II or III.

Information on creating a quiz for the web (like this one) is published on Valdez’ website here.

She has a second “review” resource called “Preparing for the Mathematics Placement Exam” that can be found here. It is essentially all the math you need to have learned BEFORE you take calculus.

I have also found the Visual Calculus webpages to be a great place for students to review, although some of the links no longer function and the material does not seem to be updated anymore. These contain some nice flash tutorials.



Purplemath (put up by Elizabeth Stapel) is a good site for reviewing precalculus skills as well, although I could really do without the ads advertising “cheat” software… which almost made me leave it off of our department website.


Especially because of the lack of advertising, you might prefer Paul’s Online Math Notes, which contains a plethora of information on topics ranging from algebra through Differential Equations. I do wish he would consider calling the “cheat sheets” by another name, perhaps “formula sheets” or “reference pages” would be a more appropriate name. Our department was able to use the “formula sheets” to begin a discussion about what should go on our final exam reference page.

If you know of a good site with Precalculus or Calculus review materials that’s not listed here, please comment it in! Some of these sites are not indexed terribly well by search software.

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