I’m trying to get enough work done that I can go to Las Vegas/St.George this weekend to support Joel in his marathon. I was at my office for 15 hours yesterday… no kidding.

Also, Busyness Girl has been posting 2-3 posts a day on her other blog, as the MichMATYC conference generated a lot of questions and interest. If you’ve never checked that one out, there are some pretty cool videos that you might enjoy.

One “cool” link for today… Wired’s guide to Stop Wasting Time on the Internet. This includes links to several freeware programs that force you to stop looking at sites that waste your time. I particularly like the “Procrastinator’s Clock” at the bottom of the page… my mother always set all the clocks in the house 10 minutes fast so that we were never late for things… except that we always accounted for the 10 minutes extra in our calculations. With the Procrastinator’s Clock, there is no accounting for the extra time as you don’t know how much extra time you have! Clever!

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