Here’s a list of recent books that I’ve enjoyed reading:

The Alice Network (by Kate Quinn) is fictional tale of female spy network in World War I with great storytelling and characters. I listened to it on Audible and loved it!

The Alice Network (paperback), The Alice Network (Kindle), or The Alice Network (Audible)

The Salt Line (by Holly Goddard Jones) is a post-apocalyptic tale (caused by a tick-borne fatal disease) about a society split into protected and unprotected zones. A group of adventure-seeking travelers leave for a trip into the outer zones. That’s all I’ll say to avoid spoilers. I listened to it on Audible and the reader was fantastic!

The Salt Line (paperback)The Salt Line (Kindle)The Salt Line (Audible)

14 (by Peter Clines) is just great story-telling fiction / sci-fi / fantasy. If I tell you anything about the story, it will take away the fun of reading / listening to it. You’ll just have to trust me.

14 (paperback), 14 (Kindle), 14 (Audible)

Seveneves (by Neal Stephenson) is a post-apocalyptic tale about what happens when the moon suddenly breaks into pieces and the human race has to flee the surface of the earth. I’m a sucker for a great Neal Stephenson book and I’ve listened to this one twice on Audible.

Seveneves (paperback)Seveneves (Kindle), or Seveneves (Audible)

Carve the Mark (by Veronica Roth) is by the author of the Divergent series. So it’s one of those Young Adult “coming of age” novels, but a nice sci-fi read with an interesting twist in that the main character (female) has the gift/curse of both experiencing tremendous pain and causing it in anyone she touches. It took me a while to actually listen to this one after I downloaded it (because the storyline sounds weird), but is actually very well done and an enjoyable listen.

Carve the Mark (paperback), Carve the Mark (Kindle), or Carve the Mark (Audible)

Wool, Shift, and Dust (by Hugh Howey) Required reading for anyone who enjoys a good post-apocalyptic novel with some strange twists. Human civilization continues on in a giant underground silo. But what if they aren’t the only ones left?

Wool (paperback), Wool (Kindle), or Wool (Audible)

Shift (paperback), Shift (Kindle), or Shift (Audible)

Dust (paperback), Dust (Kindle), or Dust (Audible)

Sand: Omnibus Edition (by Hugh Howey) is a another post-apocalyptic novel set in the future. This time, all the cities of the United States have been covered in sand and people dive in the sand to recover resources to live. Enjoyable as a read or a listen (I’ve done both).

Sand (paperback), Sand (Kindle), or Sand (Audible)

The Sparrow (by Mary Doria Russell) is science fiction with an interesting twist. What if a religion leads a scientific mission to another planet and then begins interaction with aliens?

The Sparrow (paperback), The Sparrow (Kindle), or The Sparrow (Audible)

Beggars in Spain (by Nancy Kress) brings us into a world where some babies were genetically altered to not need sleep. These children learn faster and pack an extra 30% of life into their lives. This creates some social issues. An interesting read and it’s a trilogy, if you like it.

Beggars in Spain (paperback), Beggars in Spain (Kindle), Beggars in Spain (Audible)

Children of Time (by Adrian Tchaikovsky) has a really unique twist on encountering an alien civilization. What if spiders were given their own planet and a nanobot virus that encouraged intelligence and civilization (by accident). What would that civilization look like, and what would humans think when encountering this “alien culture” millennia later. I listened to this one and the Audible version was great!

Children of Time (paperback)Children of Time (Audible)

New York 2140 (by Kim Stanley Robinson) is not just a story of what happens when the oceans rise, but what happens when citizens figure out how to hack democracy. I wasn’t crazy about it when I read it in text form, but I liked it better when I listened to it in Audible format.

New York 2140 (paperback)New York 2140 (Kindle)New York 2140 (Audible)

Saga of Seven Suns (by Kevin J. Anderson) is a classic space opera / sci-fi saga in seven books. I’ve actually read it twice (once audio and once text).

Book 1: Hidden Empire (paperback), Hidden Empire (Kindle), or Hidden Empire (Audible)

Book 2: A Forest of Stars (paperback), A Forest of Stars (Kindle), or A Forest of Stars (Audible)

Book 3: Horizon Storms (paperback), Horizon Storms (Kindle) or Horizon Storms (Audible)

Book 4: Scattered Suns (paperback)Scattered Suns (Kindle), or Scattered Suns (Audible)

Book 5: Of Fire and Night (paperback), Of Fire and Night (Kindle), or Of Fire and Night (Audible)

Book 6: Metal Swarm (paperback)Metal Swarm (Kindle), or Metal Swarm (Audible)

Book 7: Ashes of Worlds (paperback), Ashes of Worlds (Kindle), or Ashes of Worlds (Audible)