I know there may be some of you out there that read this blog but cannot attend the AMATYC conference this year… Never fear! I am planning on posting updates to the blog from the conference, so if you obsessively check the blog several times a day from Thursday through Saturday, it will be like being there in person. I even made you a nametag for your virtual participation in the conference.

To some extent, the number of posts will depend on how easy it is to find high-speed internet at the convention… so cross your fingers and hope for the best!

For those of you who are attending AMATYC in person, keep an eye out for me and introduce yourself – I’d like to meet some of my anonymous readers! I will tape a picture of my purple-skinned avatar to my AMATYC nametag, so you’ll know it if you’ve found me.

If any of you are giving a presentation and would like a quick turnaround to get those materials to the Internet (and hosting), find me at AMATYC and I’ll get your presentation on my thumb drive or email it to me. I can quickly produce the presentation in Flash and upload it to the TCM website and post a link on the blog.

Feel free to send presentations in advance of the talk (if you are actually organized enough to have it done with time to spare!).

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