Here are some pictures from our boat cruise in Montenegro. First on the itinerary was a dip in the water – way too hot already in the morning while waiting for the bus. Not even Joel would’ve bothered to test the temperature of the water, he would have just jumped in too.

Some photos of the coastline. The haziness is still from the forest fires, which are also burning on the hills of Budva. Apparently Montenegro was given some fire-fighting planes in the split off of their country, but they have sold the planes to Greece and no longer have any. I guess Italy and Greece also have fires right now, so at least someone is getting good use out of those planes.

Our first port was at Herceg Novi (a small town on the coast, nicknamed the town of a zillion stairs). As the temperature increases, the quality and quantity of my photos decreases, so there are very few pictures of this city.

We are always grateful when there is a fountain with COLD water at the top of the city. How many of us dunked our heads under the water at this point? I won’t tell.

… (to be continued)…

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