I’ve had a week of rest – Joel said “you call that a week of rest?” but I swear I’ve been working at about 30% of productivity and getting 8-10 hours of sleep every night. Also, I never set an alarm clock. For me, that’s a week of rest.

For the last three weeks, my home Internet has been on the fritz, but I hadn’t dealt with it because I was out of town for two of those weeks. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like I can get the Internet fixed without a costly visit to have the satellite dish repointed – so I did some “discovery” and found that switching companies nets me faster Internet (up to 1.5 Mbps) for $30 less a month – and the install+equipment costs the same as what it will cost for a repoint. So I am trying a new high-speed satellite Internet company and with any luck, that will be up and running by Monday afternoon.

To not have television and not have Internet is a bit much. I’ve been obsessively checking email on my phone (which is faster, at the moment, than using my computer). I had planned on watching some of the Olympics on the Internet, but alas, that was not meant to be. I did poach some Internet and Olympics from a friend on Friday night and saw Phelp’s win by 1/100 of a second.

I’ve also been playing with some online personal finance systems (Mint, mVelopes, and Quicken Online) to try to find one that will work for us. Let me just say, for the record, that being paid every two weeks really sucks when all your bills are due monthly. There’s no easy way to navigate those two timelines on a consistent basis. For a while when Joel and I both worked for the University of Wyoming, we got paid on the first of every month. It made keeping track of finances very easy. Also, you should not investigate online finance options when your Internet is on the fritz – it will drive you crazy!

I’ve been trying to make sure that some of our house projects get done before school starts. One project is to get our taxes done (no, still haven’t done 2007 taxes) and I have actually reviewed our 50 pages of tax forms, so that’s progress. Some outside projects are to get the siding on the walkout basement up and stained, to get the stairs outside the porch rebuilt with a landing, to build some shelves in the garage, to sand and restain the front steps, to replace the rotten boards in the side deck, and to paint the rest of the trim (we started painting it three years ago). Then, inside, I’ve still got to finish up the “musical rooms” project – couple of boxes to empty and Joel’s clothes need to move to a different closet.

In other news, after visiting D.C. twice, and with one more scheduled trip in November, I received three more invitations to visit the D.C. area for speaking engagements or events. Perhaps I’ll get to see the new renovation of the Museum of American History (my favorite) on one of these visits.

After having such a highly structured schedule for about a year, it’s a little weird to have no scheduled activities for a whole week. Without that rigorous schedule, I have a hard time getting motivated to do anything! What on earth am I going to do to keep myself on schedule for my dissertation during my sabbatical next winter?

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