These pictures are from Kracow, Poland. This is St. Mary’s Cathedral in the main square. I want you to appreciate how many pictures (without a flash) one has to take to get one that is not blurry (and I am taking them with a 4-inch tripod balanced sideways on some kind of wooden structure. I deleted about 5 pictures that were blurry for every one good one. Of course, I can’t tell whether they are blurry or not until I get to an internet cafe and have a bigger screen to view them on. In the meantime, the blurry images just clutter up my camera.

The stained glass was amazing, the photos of the main part of the cathedral really don’t do it justice.

An accordian group doing an amazing rendition of Bach organ pieces (I bought a CD as it was really the most amazing musical talent I’ve seen). Their fingers were flying over the keys.

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