After wearing the same clothes (and sweating in the same clothes) for two weeks, we were extremely happy to find an open laundry on Friday when we arrived in Budapest. Even better, the laundry was willing to wash our clothes while we were out and drop them back at the hotel.

I should explain that every time we have been in the vicinity of a laundry before, it has been a weekend or holiday, so we have been unlucky in laundry.

So, for 3000 Hungarian Florens (I’m sure Karen will tell us how much that is in dollars), I had all my laundry washed, pressed, and nicely folded. The picture below is my ode to the “Wash n Fold” My clothes have not looked this nice since I purchased them on the rack. I’m afraid that at home, we have a bad habit of accidentally leaving laundry in the dryer and it is always wrinkled… and we’re both too lazy to iron.

Also in this picture, is a contraband book (a David Sedaris book) that I got from my last roomate Sibhan (did I spell that right?). When people go home, they tend to give away anything that they no longer want to carry with them.

I should also mention that my socks were SO distusting, that I was going to give the blog readers a “before” and “after” shot so that you could all go out and attempt to walk enough in the same pair of socks to get them to the same point of dirtiness, but Sibhan saved you from that in deciding that it was just TOO disgusting.

Also, I keep meaning to express my sadness at losing my comfy red travel pillow which I accidentally left on the bed in our Prague apartment. Traveling on buses and trains is just not the same without it. In the corner of the photo above, you will see my rolled up “jumper” as the Aussies call it. This is my new travel pillow. Oh how I miss you red pillow.

Now we progress to my Dansko sandals… I don’t know if you can tell from this picture, but almost all the tread is completely worn off the bottoms now.

And last, for all the scrapbookers reading this, here is my attempt at organization for all the bus tickets, concert tickets, postcards, city maps, etc that I have been collecting on this trip. I have organized the stuff with several cities-worth in each envelope to keep it from taking over my suitcase. The empty envelopes were a last-minute addition to the backpack. So perhaps it will not take me two years (as it has with Ecuador and the Galapagos islands) to get the pictures into a scrapbook. And look, I’m journalling ahead of the pictures for once!!! Brenda and Susan, aren’t you proud of me?

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