Yesterday I went for a boat trip around the Bay of Kotor. I still have not been able to find an Internet with a USB port, so I can’t upload any pictures. The morning wasn’t bad and the breeze on the boat was quite nice. We swam at the Blue Lagoon (which has electric blue waters) and saw a few of the smaller towns.

However, by the late afternoon the heat was unbearable, the air was still, and the humidity was high. We all had dried saltwater on our skin and were looking incredibly forward to a shower. Unlucky us… when we got back to the hotel, the power in our quarter of the city was out. Yes, that meant not only no air conditioning, but also no water! Argh! There was a little cold water coming out of the faucet in the shower (at about waist level), so I did take my first “squat” shower of cold water. I don’t think I’ve taken a hot shower for more than a week (not that I didn’t have the opportunity, I just didn’t want to take one. The power did return after dark at about 10pm.

So… back to the blog title. What have I done today? I did venture out from about 8-10am this morning, but it was just sweltering hot. I was driven back to my hotel room, where Lauren and I spent the day alternately reading, taking naps, and watching crappy American TV shows.

Here is a veiw from the window of my hotel room.

I am both utterly horrified about the crap that we are broadcasting to the world (via MTV mostly) and extremely grateful that there was something being broadcast in English (with Serbian subtitles).

Really bad TV shows that we were forced to watch today:
1) Sweet Sixteen (an MTV show where people spend a ridiculous amount of money spoiling their daughters throwing them an elaborate birthday party – in today’s show, the birthday present that the daughter received was a BMW S-series car, new – hey dad, maybe a 33rd birthday qualifies too?).
2) Crossing Jordan (hmm… don’t know about this one, some kind of cop/forensic science drama, there seems to be an increase at the college in students wanting to major in forensic science lately)
3) CSI (another forensic science drama)
4) The Ghostwhisperer (the premise is that the main character can talk to ghosts and helps them to make a smooth passage into the next world)
5) NEXT (another MTV show in which five “dates” are selected for a member of the opposite sex, and the dater can simply say “next” to end the date – the comments that people make about each other are really mean and ridiculous – I hope people don’t think all Americans are really like this)
6) Animal Presinct (a show where the ASPCA rescues pets in distress, stops cat hoarders, etc)

So, based on this, the rest of the world must think that Americans are pet-obsessed, ghost-obsessed people who spoil their children, insult each other as sport, and are involved in a lot of crime with really high-tech forensic departments.

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