I grew up in Fairfax County (right outside of Washington DC), and I’ve been to the monuments in DC about a zillion times. The best time to see all the monuments (especially when you’ve already got a packed day) is at night. So, barring really bad weather, I’m willing to take a bunch of people on an evening mall walk on Thursday, November 20. It will make it a late night, but I figure Thursday is the day you’ll still have the most energy and you’ll be desperate to see the city!

If you’d like to join us, meet in the lobby of the Churchill Hotel at 8:30pm. We will walk to the Metro and take it to the National Mall. We will see the Washington Monument, World War II Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, and Korean Memorial. It is a long walk … probably a good 3-4 miles. I’m guessing we’ll be back at the hotels around 11:30pm.

Bring about $5 to pay for metro fare, or put an extra couple bucks on your metro card when you arrive in DC. My guess is that it will be cold, so dress warmly – hat, gloves, and scarf… and wear walking shoes! If you plan to take pictures, invest a couple of minutes into learning how to use the night setting on your camera.

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