There is now an RSS feed for this website. This means that you can add the blog to your iGoogle page and it will show the three most recent blog posts as clickable links. Just click “Add to Google” and choose “Add to Google homepage.”

For any of you that might want to offer this option on your own blog, here are the rough instructions:
1. Register for a Feedburner account and make sure you are logged in.
2. “Burn” the blog with Feedburner by giving it the URL.
3. Choose the RSS feed option.
4. Activate the feed.
5. In the Publicize tab, go to the Chicklet Chooser.
6. Click the radio button that says “Add to Google.” At the bottom of the page, use the drop down menu to “Use as a widget in Blogger” Then click on Go!
7. This should open a Blogger window called “Add Page Element.” Make sure the correct blog is selected (for those of you with multiple blogs). Click on Add Widget.
8. You can repeat steps 5-7 to add other subscription possibilities to your blog.

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