On my new tablet PC, I am running XP Tablet and Office 2007. I often need to combine several Word documents into one PDF file, so I also installed Acrobat 8 (and associated updates). But Acrobat 8 is not able to convert even ONE file from Office 2007.

The only “help” on the Adobe website regarding this problem is to instal the Acrobat 8.1 update, which I have done, but Acrobat still won’t create PDFs from Office 2007 files (not only will it not do multiple files, but it won’t do single files either).

I also installed the converter files for Office 2007 / previous versions of office. Still no luck.

I uninstalled Office and Acrobat and then installed clean, with all updates. Still no luck.

I know that I can use the “save as” feature or “print to” feature in Office 2007 to save individual files as PDF, and then open the pdf files in Acrobat and combine them. But the whole point to purchasing Acrobat was to be able to combine multiple files at once and then insert page numbering, headers, and footers.

Both Adobe and Microsoft are suspiciously silent on this compatibility issue. Both claim to “support” the other. Just thought I’d warn you guys not to convert to Office 2007 if you want to still be able to use the “Create PDF from multiple files” feature of Acrobat.

And while I’m complaining… the latest update to Adobe Flash 9 (just out this week) seems to be wreaking havok with compatibility of video files and embeded files. So if the internet has seemed “buggy” to you this week, that’s because it is.

Both Microsoft and Adobe are equally ridiculous in the number of “updates” that you have to install… and yet, none of these “updates” seem to improve functionality of their software. Ridiculous. It seems that Adobe’s goal is to ensure that Microsoft products will not work correctly and Microsoft’s goal to ensure that nothing else will work correctly (as some of their updates have blocked many of my add-in programs, like MathType).

Can’t all these software companies just learn to get along? Again, I’m becoming a fan of the whole idea of subscription-based software … especially the Google versions.

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