Believe it or not, I am actually a bit tired of technology this week (and there are some drop-dead book deadlines this week). I actually have a new Livescribe Pulse pen in my possession, and we took notes during the workshop and played with it, but I haven’t gotten around to loading the software on the computer yet. So far I can report that the Livescribe really does do what it shows in the videos.

At the end of each day of the math & technology workshop, participants filled out assessments/surveys using survey instruments I built with Zoomerang. On the 3rd day of the workshop, I asked participants to tell us what they had most enjoyed so far and what they wanted to tell the world!

Here are a few of those excerpts:

Creating avatars were so much fun. Math-type is an essential skill. Camtasia is really going to add interest and variety to my classes. WiziQ will bring more “community” to my online classes. I think students will really like WiziQ.

Snag-It and Camtasia are awesome! Smart boards and tablets – I want one! The details of MathType will be very useful.

I have learned that there is so much that I did not know was available. I also learned that I have so much more to learn and practice. I enjoyed listening and trying a little and then listening again.

The workshop is amazing. I have learned so much about technology that I didnt even know existed. I am quite sure that I am going to use my knowledge to make my teaching more effective and exciting.

Today, at least, I’m excited about using Camtasia instead of Windows Media Encoder, and thus being able to make a more professional video. It was pretty fun, too, but making avatars was the most fun (also seeing the great drawings others did in our WizIQ session). Coolest…hmm… I think I’ll be using SnagIt every day from now on.

I like the automatic zoom feature in Camtasia 5. Tell the world how to “nudge” in Mathtype and how to create “good” tables in Word. The Bamboo Tablet was pretty cool as was playing on the smartboard. The most fun part was making the avatar 🙂

I have enjoyed snag it and camtasia the most. Want to share the online classroom environment with others. Coolest thing is the rollover. All of it has been fun. I really enjoy getting to visit with other instructors. Learning what other schools are doing. I am finding lots of valuable resources with other faculty. I love the enthusiasm of the presenters.

Later, I’m soooo tired. You are amazing, and I appreciate your efforts and work.

We really did have a blast last week, but now, I’m soooo tired! The deadline for the third book and the online class setups are calling …

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