I think this week I’ve been a little inspired by the “Poetry Sunday” at our church. Below is one of my favorite poems… I received it in a birthday card several years ago and I don’t know who the author is. The card went in to some pile of papers, and ironically I rediscovered it about the time that we lost the huge tree in the front yard of our old house. It seemed like a good eulogy for the tree (I cried when that tree came down. It was a great tree and much older than me.) I recopied the poem and it has been next to my computer ever since.

A tree, if it ever found a voice,
Could tell us some things about life:
Be patient –
reaching your potential takes time.
Bow to storms –
they pass quickly.
Appreciate the seasons –
for even as they change,
They create a rich and complete life.

I tried to find a picture of the tree when it was still alive and healthy (it started to loudly crack as the two main trunks pulled apart)… but I don’t seem to have any. But I did remember, as I was looking through pictures, that fall is just around the corner, and sometimes we are really gifted by mother nature with a miraculous display of fall colors on campus. I hope that this is one of those years.

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