On Sunday, we made a day trip up to one of my favorite National Parks, Zion. It was a really beautiful day… blue skies, warm, but not hot… and it was great fun watching David, Susan, and Joel hobble up and down the little hills on the trail. These first two pictures don’t really do it justice… I wish you could see the full size versions (these are essentially thumbnails of the full 15MB files)… these are panoramics stiched together with a program I have on my computer… like the one I have at the top of my blog. I think I will get the top one printed in a 36″ length if anyone else wants one, I can order copies.

This one (below) is a vertical panoramic taken on the trail to the Narrows.

And a few others that I really liked…

The shadows are so dark when you’re out of the direct sun… I really like this view of the creek through the trees.

I suppose we ought to prove that I really was at Zion… Joel looks a bit dazed. I think he is pretty tired.

And here’s the whole gang…

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