Anything that illicits me saying, out loud, “NO WAY!!!” is, in my opinion, worth posting here. And today is that day for chemistry. You may recall that I do occasionally deviate into cool chem and cool bio posts.

Without further adieu… here is a chemistry video from second life that can build a 3-D molecular model from the InChIKey code.

The video is by Hiro Sheridan. His site, containing flickr photos are worth a look as they show the Chemistry SN island in 2nd Life … complete with a presentation stage including deck chairs, wouldn’t this be a nice way to attend math talks… hmm… maybe if I am granted a sabbatical I’ll get to work on a Math island – on second thought, maybe MAA, AMS, or AMATYC will do it for us. Any takers?

I particularly liked the photos of the chemist with goggles (goggles up or goggles down?)

I hope Hiro doesn’t mind my reposting of gifs of a few of these images, as I am sending you to his flickr site too to view the whole set (there is more than one page).

This week I just desperately feel like I NEED MORE TIME!!! I will never catch up with technology … does anyone else feel this way? Are we even remotely training/encouraging faculty in higher ed to “deal” with this new online/Web 2.0 environment? Do the majority of faculty (and students) even realize this stuff is out there? It’s like we’re in a science fiction world but the majority of the population doesn’t know it yet.

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