Back by popular demand! It’s official, we’re going to host another Math and Technology Workshop at Muskegon Community College. The dates will be August 10-14, 2009.

The Basic Workshop (Limited to 30 Participants) will cover:

* Searching the Internet Effectively/Organizing the Results
* Using SnagIt to Capture and Communicate
* Creating documents with math
* Creating presentations with math / effective presentations
* Mathematica 7 Training
* Tablets !!!
* Camtasia / Jing Training
* General and math-specific pedagogies for Online Classes
* Best Practices for Online Homework Systems
* Avatars and Synchronous Communication Systems
* Maintain a Web Presence / Managing Email

Cost: $75 + Travel & Lodging. Basic Workshop participants will go home with Camtasia, SnagIt, Mathematica, and Wacom Bamboo tablets plus training on how to use it all!

Advanced Workshop: By popular demand, we will host a group of returning participants (and advanced participants). This group will spend quite a bit of their time working on building digital materials for their own courses, but there will be new things to learn! Among other things (after all, there are still months to go before Auguest 2009), we’ll take a look at some advanced features of Camtasia (like building quizzes into videos), advanced features in PowerPoint (Action buttons and animations) and we’ll learn how to use Mathematica 7, and play a bit in Second Life.

Also new: This year we’ll be working with CMU to offer course credit through their continuing ed program for the basic workshop. There is some work you’ll have to finish after the workshop to complete the course.

Here’s the part you’d really better pay attention to!!! We want to share this technology training with as many colleges as possible. To do this, initially we’re only going to allow one participant from each college to preregister for the Basic Workshop. If you have additional folks that want to come, we’ll slate them on a first-come-first serve waiting list. After two weeks, any remaining seats will open up to the waiting list. I know that it’s convenient to travel with a friend, and that there is value to having a partner within your department to learn with, but we’d like to see the trained participant go home and “infect” the rest of the department, committing to conducting some training back home after the August workshop. So put your thinking caps on and decide who you’d like to send as your first-choice draft pick.

This initial preregistration period will open on Wednesday, November 19 and close on Wednesday, December 3, 2008. To preregister, send an email to maria.andersen at during this time window, the sooner the better. Watch for more information early next week.

And THANKS to TechSmith, Wolfram Research, and Wacom for their generous support of this year’s workshop! There would be no workshop without their support!

Just in case you’re not sure if you can really learn to use technology in your courses, I’ll leave you with a few comments from the participants from last year:

“This workshop was so rich in ways math teachers and students can communicate effectively without being in the same room! Maria covered a multitude of ways to capture images, video, and “mathematical text” and make it available to the class. We were introduced to many very effective tools and given practical instruction in using them. Maria is the guru of cutting edge online resources, software, and hardware available for teaching mathematics.”

“This was the best workshop that I’ve attended for the use of technology in the teaching of mathematics. Anyone considering teaching an online or hybrid course needs to attend a workshop like this.”

“This workshop provided a great number of resources to begin working with technology and lots of ideas to start new projects. The free software provided made up for the cost of participating three times over. Maria has done a lot of the “grunt-work” for the participants and has gathered materials to make the use of these technologies easier.”

“This was the best workshop I’ve attended. I can actually do things with the materials I was given (thanks!) because I was taught how to use them.”

“The quantity of information was amazing and the feeling of community will help support the new found knowledge. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone with any interest in technology and I would recommend it to anyone with NO interest in technology as it is part of our world whether we are comfortable with it or not. No one individual will ever know everything that is available; however, as a community we can explore and develop and share the information and thus establish a better educational community for ourselves and our students.”

“I would recommend this workshop to anyone who teaches math. Students today need more than just chalk to engage them in learning, and this workshop made the technological solutions to this problem accessible to all of us – even those of us who weren’t so tech savvy to begin with.”

HINT: For your first technological challenge, you can learn how to set up an email to send itself on the morning of Wednesday, November 19!

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