Yucky Grey Days in Michigan

Oct 16, 2007 by

How can you even motivate yourself to get out of bed? It looks like this from first light till dark. I’m lethargic, my students are lethargic, the cats are lethargic, the dogs… well, the dogs are a bit hyper. This is about the time of year when we want it to either snow (so that it’s lighter outside) or go back to sunny fall days.

At least in Wyoming you could drive down to Ft. Collins to escape the unrelenting Laramie wind.

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  1. Joel

    Even your husband is lethargic.

  2. Susan

    Oh, I agree. We have many days like that during our winter. I hate waking up and not knowing what time it is.

  3. Pop

    Weather freak that I am, I can tell you that Muskegon averages 193 sunny days a year and Spokane 197 days. On the other hand, Billings and Kansas City average 219 sunny days. Sunny Boise averages 234 days. For a month more of sunshine, you need to be in the West.

    Last Saturday while we were in Kansas City it thundered and lightninged (is that a word?) for about 11 hours straight. I have never seen thunder and lightning last that long. In the West the thunderstorms roll through and are over in a few minutes. There were two inches of rain from the storm, which is a lot for one storm in these parts. The KCers thought nothing of it. But they get something like 37 inches of rain a year to our 14 inches.

  4. momma k

    If it makes you feel any better, Maria, most of us are lethargic right now. Maybe part of it is having to come home and face some of the challenges again after having fun.

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