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I read this horrible story in the newspaper the other day about one of the survivors of the San Diego fires. He had backup CDs of his computer in his fire-proof safe, but his house and the files in the safe were destroyed even after his careful precautions. He was a photographer and lost 30 years of digital information. Can you imagine losing EVERYTHING you’ve ever created on your computer?

After a very scary crash of a drive containing every photo I took in Europe (a long and scary story, but with a happy ending), I began to have nightmares about losing every book file I had ever written.

And so I began using Mozy to back up my really important files. Mozy will provide you with 2GB of backup storage on the Internet for FREE. Every night, while I am asleep, the computer backs up those “vital” files (the ones I tell it to back up) on the Internet.

Now I know that 2GB does not back up everything, but, for me, it does back up the folders that contain the rapidly changing information (book files, course files, this year’s photo folder, etc.). I’ve got backups of other files in multiple locations, so as long as they don’t change every day, they should be fine.

If it’s for your home computer, you can get piece-of-mind unlimited backup for $4.95 a month (which actually isn’t too bad when you think about it).

The first backup will take a while to do, but after that, the process is quick, as Mozy just looks for changes in the files and new files to back up after that.

There are certainly MANY other services that provide this online (just search “online backup”), I’m just telling you about the one I ended up with after MY search for an online backup provider. Honest to God, I sleep better at night knowing these files are safe and secure somewhere out there in a server farm.

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  1. KevLar says:

    Interesting post. Your links aren’t working though. I think you need to put “http://” before the “www…” when you enter a link for it to work correctly.

    In other words, link to “http://www.mozy.com” instead of just linking to “www.mozy.com”.

  2. Maria H. Andersen says:

    Thanks… I’ve fixed it… it was just a bad link.

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