When the tractor breaks

Dec 22, 2007 by

One of the parts on Joel’s 1971 Wheelhorse Raider 10 tractor broke, and I mean REALLY broke. So broke, that he decided to replace the engine using his spare tractor. Yes, Joel has a spare 1971 Wheelhorse Raider 10 tractor. He bought it on eBay in case of just such an emergency.

For a day, my car got kicked out of the garage and Joel completely replaced the engine in the tractor. Now he has a 1971 Wheelhorse Raider 10 tractor and a spare tractor shell. Anyone have any ideas for what you do with the shell of a tractor?

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  1. Pop

    And the tractor ran after the new engine was installed? I am really impressed. Joel did not get that skill from hs father!

  2. Topher

    I’ve seen people use old toilets for planters in their yards. Just a thought…

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