What to do if you can’t find a violin sub

Dec 7, 2007 by

The quartet that I usually play in has had some difficulty finding a meeting time that we can all get together. On top of that, one member has had surgery, one member’s husband has had surgery, and one member’s mother is in the hospital… so, we ended up having to cancel our traditional performance at the college’s christmas luncheon.

But today, I think I found a replacement for the next time we have an absent player:

I wonder if it can play the cello?

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  1. Jenny

    I’m sure this robot will find its way into the Nieman Marcus fantasy Christmas catalog. How much do you think it would go for?

  2. Pop

    I tried to find out how much one of those things would cost, but none of the stories list a cost. I’m sure you could probably fly in a sub violinist from the New York Philharmonic for less money.

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