Welcome to Vienna!!!

Jun 28, 2007 by

After taking a bus from the airport to the Westbaunhof station, I walked the rest of the way to my hostel. Wombat’s The Base is an australian-run hostel that includes a hopping bar with the equivalent of blast doors to keep the noise from bothering those that are trying to sleep.

A shower felt wonderful after 24+ hours of travel between airports and planes.

I needed to get out, so I convinced three of the gals in my 6-person room to go with me to see if any of the historic buildings in Vienna are lit up at night (they are). We had a nice stroll through night-lit Vienna with a lovely quartet playing music in one of the atriums.

Shivangi, Rukmani (not pictured), and Pauline were my companions for the evening.

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  1. Betty

    Hello from Springfield, Missouri — We are off to Nashville, TN for the weekend and then on to Atlanta, Georgia for a few days.
    We are going to try and keep track of your trip by visiting your blog.
    Be safe and have fun.
    Betty and Dad

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