Welcome Bats!

Sep 5, 2007 by

Now, in addition to all the other wildlife we house and feed, we are welcoming bats. Although we won’t feed them per se, there are PLENTY of mosquitoes to eat and we hope they go to their house with full tummies every night.

This little house (made by http://www.batconservation.org/) can hold up to 300 bats. This is our attempt to naturally control the mosquito population. No doubt, I will be posting a blog in a year or two about whatever steps we have to take to control the bat population.

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  1. Emily

    Did I read that right? That little house can fit 300 bats!? Wow, that is crazy! Good luck with the bats.

  2. Pop

    A woman at work was telling us she had to hire animal control people to remove bats from a rental property she owns (they were in the attic, not in a cute little box out in the tree). She was charged $100 for each “removal.” They apparently have to be hauled at least 50 miles way or they will return like homing pigeons. The first night they took over 100 bats. The second night they took only one bat, but it still cost $100! I wonder if someone who lives out there 50 miles away will hire them to remove bats and they will be brought back this way to eventually take up residence where they were to begin with.

  3. momma k

    I consider myself an animal lover, but I draw the line when it comes to bats.

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