To all you cross-stitchers out there…

Jul 2, 2007 by

I found this amazing shop in Vienna where they make purses, necklaces, pins etc. using patterns that requre 1600 to 2500 stitches per square inch! The finished products are beautiful, but don’t hold your breath hoping for a great Christmas present, just the coin purse (upper right in this photo) cost 140 euros.

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  1. ohiochemengr

    For any one who’s counting, that’s $191 (USD) according to my Apple currency widget (using the current exchange rate as of 2 July 2007).

    In easier to relate to terms for Americans, 100€ worth of goods, food or lodging currently costs $132 (USD). Ouch. When Mr. TRAVELS and I were in Paris in 2002, 100€ cost only $92 (USD). That’s a 43% increase! Double ouch.

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