TI-SmartView Drag and Drop

Nov 13, 2007 by

Here is a tip that I picked up at the Tablet presentation at AMATYC involving TI-Smartview. You don’t have to have a tablet to use this tip. It will work for anyone!

Watch the short video clip to see how to import the graphs and screen views you see in SmartView quickly into a Microsoft Word document (the video takes a few seconds to load, so be patient).

Now that I’ve seen it, it seems obvious, but I didn’t know you could do this, and so I’m guessing that not all of you did either!

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  1. Laura

    I had no idea it could be done so simply! I also had never used the “in front of text” format with a picture, which does exactly what I usually want. Thanks!

    P.S. In answer to an earlier question, I read your blog on weekends.

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