The Reward Shoes that I can’t Find

Jun 21, 2008 by

After I finished the last book, I thought I would reward myself with these Doc Marten sandals that I saw last year that I totally fell in love with.

I even tried some on in a store (Tradehome Shoes), but they were only a Women’s Size 9 and I need a 10. Worse yet is that the shoe appears to really have no name and it’s last year’s model.

On the bright side, I discovered one of the coolest shopping websites I have ever seen. I should’ve guessed that Doc Martens would put up the most kick-butt website. Click on Products and then choose Men’s or Women’s. It takes a few seconds to load and then wowee! Click on Next 10 Shoes and watch how incredibly fast, and cool, the next 10 shoes fall into place.

Anyways, if you happen to find yourself staring at this sandal in a store window somewhere, drop in and see if they have a women’s size 10, would you?

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  1. Maria H. Andersen

    UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who sent a possible lead on these shoes. I think I’ve found a pair (in the right size) from a consignment shop for $9.99 + $10 for shipping. Cross your fingers that this is the right pair!

  2. momma k

    This reminded me of my 10-year search for a pair of Teva suede mules just like the ones I bought 25 years ago.
    The soles never wear out, but our puppy, Rex, now 15, managed to make some nice impressions on the backs. I still use them around the house, chewed or not.

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