The Gap Time (between work and sabbatical)

Jan 4, 2009 by

I think, technically, my sabbatical begins the day I would normally have to go back to school, which would be January 5th (tomorrow). You might wonder, what have I been doing with my time since I turned in my final grades?

  • Went four times to chiropractor (having taken two years off of going to the chiropractor, and walking around with a computer bag on one shoulder, my back has not fared well)
  • Spent Christmas Day with friends having a great brunch and dinner
  • Met with personal trainer three times for an hour each time (consequently very sore)
  • Went to YMCA 4-6 times a week to do cardio
  • Hired an assistant for my consulting business for 15-25 hours a week (her name is Chris) – I may be the only business in Michigan that is hiring right now
  • Turned in state paperwork for hiring an employee
  • Read 12 magazines and pulled out articles of interest (we have a stack of about 50 magazines in the living room that I have been working through so that they can be recycled)
  • Watched the documentary 2 Million Minutes
  • Dealt with incoming email (not as plentiful as normal … normal = 50-100 a day, now = 5-40 a day)
  • Dealt with every pile of paper that was in my office – filed, scanned, or recycled … every last bit
  • Built a 43 folders system (a tickler file, for those old-school folks)
  • Made travel plans and worked out details for upcoming speaking engagements (Hotel for New Orleans and Portland, Flights to Mississippi and Portland)
  • Wrote three blog posts for my other blog (TCM)
  • Solicited guest blog posts for TCM blog
  • Submitted three proposals for the fall AMATYC conference next year (proposals are due when I’m in India)
  • Spent about 4 hours thinking about technology that should be invented: paper books, audio books, and digital books – why can’t it all be one technology? (see SmartBook of the Future)
  • Set up a twitter account ( I’m thinking of twittering as I work on my dissertation (see Brenda, I am guiltily thinking about making progress on my dissertation)
  • Updated my Shelfari page
  • Watched the first season of Weeds (very funny – but definitely for adults)
  • Sent my iPod Nano back to Apple to be fixed (twice) … still not fixed
  • Converted all my music out of iTunes format
  • Removed iTunes from my computer
  • Bought minicomputer to take with on trip to India (Acer Aspire One)
  • Bought new MP3 Player
  • Got audiobooks transferred to my new Sansa Clip MP3 player
  • Built a 7-minute video tutorial for one of my clients (that took about 4 hours)
  • Redesigned this blog site
  • Worried about whether I am going to be able to write my dissertation during my sabbatical
  • Spent 8 hours making a plan for tearing apart the existing Activities books and rebuilding them into one Activities for Algebra for general use (to correlate with at least three other series of algebra books)
  • Worked with a programmer to write some script that is needed for the book conversion plan
  • Got permission from publisher to contract with a new illustrator (yay Mat!) to draw math cartoons for the next version of the Activities book
  • Sent correspondence about getting rights back on old publications
  • Investigated missing royalty payments (haven’t got a check – we’re trying to figure out what’s holding it up)
  • Got and accepted invitation to speak in Denver right after I go to UMD
  • Dealt with Typhoid Vaccination (oral, not a shot – hooray!)
  • Researched and then ordered Katydyn Filtered Water Bottles for trip to India
  • Took the cat to the vet (eye infection)
  • Brought in electrician to plan generator project
  • Watched most of the second season of the West Wing (for the 2nd time)
  • Ordered a generator for the house (we have no heat or water if/when the power goes out)
  • Helped Joel deal with the basement water issue (bizarre sudden 60 degree thaw followed by two days of rain was not good for our basement – Joel did most of the dirty work)
  • New Year’s Party at a friend’s house
  • Pre-packed for India
  • Learned how to use the new camera
  • Read about 300 blog posts about math or technology
  • Made a Facebook page

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  1. Stephanie

    Wow! You have been busy. I was just telling Gabe that I need to go through my magazines and take out the recipes I want and recycle the rest.

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