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Feb 6, 2010 by

Today I was the keynote speaker for Tech Tools 2010 in Scottsdale AZ, which was really fun!

I survived the twitter backchannel (I “called out” the tweeters, according to @soul4real).  This seemed to work really well and I’ll write more about what I did later.  I also got “best dressed presenter ever” for wearing my magic doc martens with silver swirls.


Here are the links to today’s presentations and resources.

GE Plug into the Smart Grid (Augmented Reality)

Teaching & Learning in the Digital Age Mindmap

Careers in the Future

Have PRIDE in what you TEACH. (What did you learn this month?)

Interdisciplinary Studies

Organize Your Digital Self  (Slides or Mindmap)

For future reference, you can find all of my mindmaps, slide decks, and past recorded webinars under Resources in the menu bar on the top of this blog.

Several of you asked this afternoon about the magnifying program I used to magnify web URLs.  It’s called Virtual Magnifying Glass (free, PC, Mac, or Linux).  If you teach anything from the Internet to a room full of people, you should consider using it!

I was also surprised to discover that many participants who are Second Life regulars had not read Neal Stephenson’s book Snow Crash.  Stephenson basically describes “Second Life” (called the metaverse) in Snow Crash, written in 1992.  So if you want to speculate about what Second Life will become, reading Snow Crash would be a good place to start!

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  1. Dustin Fennell

    Really enjoyed having you at SCC today. Wish we would have scheduled you for a 2 hour opening session. ~Dustin

  2. Rob Eby

    Maria, So I feel like I have to “call you out”. You posted in a linkable vita about liking to the conference website, yet here, you fail to do so in the opening paragraph.

    FYI, I am grading a test in which I messed up, and didn’t catch it until giving it to the students, so a little bit of Schadenfreude here.

  3. Donna


    We really enjoyed having you and learned a lot. I agree with Dustin…two hour keynote next time! Thanks for yesterday, too. I think the math folks in MCCD have visions of Jing filling their heads.

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