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eLearning Tools for STEM

For anyone who has ever had trouble convincing your administration to give you the proper tools to teach online, I give you this little gift: eLearning Tools for STEM, published today in eLearning Magazine. The tools for STEM eLearning Tablets Recording & editing software Jing Equation software and training Synchronous communication system Online homework system Other head-turning resources for STEM Wolfram Demonstrations Digital libraries (a lengthy list) Video collections (another list) TI-SmartView Other tips (about accessibility, computer labs, etc) can be found at the end of the article. You can read about all the tools, and why I recommend them, by going to the article, eLearning Tools for STEM. Possibly Related Posts: Group Exploration in Math Learning at Scale Slides from ICTCM Elaborations for Creative Thinking in STEM The Importance of Findability for Learners Learning Math is Not a Spectator...

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Field Trip to Wolfram Research

October was a busy month (I was out of town 3 out of 4 weekends), so now I’m catching up. One of my trips was to the Mathematica User Conference in Champaign, Illinois. While I was there I got a tour of Wolfram Research. Like other tech companies I’ve visited, they also have a “creativity” room – this one included comfy chairs, a wooden periodic table (with elements in the compartments), a pendulum that hangs over a sand pit. I wish we’d get “creativity” (play) room at our college! I haven’t been a hard-core Mathematica user, but I’ve been extremely intrigued with the Wolfram Demonstrations Project, and how we can use the demos in our classes. This is tricky, because the demos were never really intended to be anything other than demos. Demonstrations are created by Mathematica users who build the demos because thay are fun or interesting. This user-generated content is growing at a phenominal rate – sometime this week Wolfram should be adding the 4,000th demonstration. There was this great video playing outside the exhibit hall/snack room that showcased a variety of Wolfram Demonstrations.   My presentation was about online calculus and how I am trying to use Wolfram Demonstrations as a teaching tool in this course. Since the demos are not designed for teaching purposes, I often find myself wishing for a slightly different version of...

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An idea for Wolfram Demonstrations

I got this link from my Adobe Edge Newsletter to a site called Spectra Visual Newsreader and it looks like it is built by msn.com. You choose all the news bytes you are interested in, and it finds you the current news and builds you a “swirling” sky of stories. Grab a story to read a short description. Click on it to open the story in a separate browser. Did I say this is really cool yet? Wouldn’t it be cool if we could browse Wolfram Demonstrations like this? For example, we would choose the categories we are interested in, then we would see the relevant demonstrations in a 3-D cloud, and select and play with the demos that look interesting to us. Possibly Related Posts: Group Exploration in Math Elaborations for Creative Thinking in STEM Learning Math is Not a Spectator Sport Recorded Webinar: Teaching Math in 2020 AMATYC Keynote Notes: Challenge and...

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