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Hard-learned Tips on Screencasting

My latest column for MAA Focus, Becoming a Screencasting Star, is now available online.  In this post, I include a collection of “Hard-Learned Tips” on screencasting – these are things I wish someone had told me before I recorded my first set of videos.  For example … Mind Your References. Don’t mention specific texts, sections, or page numbers in your screencasts. If you do, then switching to a different text or a new edition will suddenly make all your videos out of date. If you must reference a section or page number, do it in the text that accompanies...

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Top 10 Technology Tools for Math 2008

1. Jing gives students and instructors the ability to capture an image of any graph or equation they see on their screen and share it anywhere else (message boards, emails, papers, digital assignments). Using Jing you can also record videos of up to 5 minutes in length. [Free, Mac/PC] Not sure how to use Jing? Check out the tutorials at the end of this post. 2. Wolfram Demonstrations provides close to 3,000 interactive demonstrations on mathematics. Students and instructors can play with demonstrations by downloading Mathematica Player. Demonstrations can be written by anyone with a copy of Mathematica and are reviewed before they become part of the Demonstrations Project. [Free, Mac/PC] 3. WebAssign is a publisher-independent site for online homework. It was designed originally for physics and does a particularly good job of handling the problems unique to learning math-based content. Publishers work with WebAssign to create online homework for their texts. [$ for students, PC/Mac] Note: You can write your own problems for WebAssign, in which case, there would be no cost for students. WeBWorK is also worth a mention here for the more technically-inclined. 4. WizIQ provides a platform to easily hold online office hours. You have the option of audio and video on both ends, multiple users, interactive whiteboard, and file upload. Sessions are recorded and can be accessed for 30 days. [Free, Mac/PC] 5. Windows...

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More server space… moved the videos

After a Blackboard folder copy lost all of the video files and images last week, and running out of free screencast space simultaneously, I decided to just take the plunge and buy my own server space for video media on screencast (50GB). I’m moving all of my calculus videos there so that next time Blackboard is “glitchy” (which seems to be a lot), I don’t have to reload 45 10-MB files again. Well, the reason I’m telling you this is that when I bought the space, I reorganized my existing material into folders. And when you do that, all the links change (which I didn’t realize). So if you tried to watch a WebAssign video in the last 24 hours, the links were broken. But now I’ve repaired all of those links to insert the new links. The moral of this story… start with organized folders from the first time you load new media, or you’ll regret it later. : ) How am I justifying this investment of $129.50 a year. I don’t think we’ll be using Bb forever, in which case I’ll have to move all that content again. It’s really my content, and if I was to switch jobs I would want to take it with me. It took my 8 hours to reload all the videos from one chapter. If you do the math ($129.50/8) that...

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