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The Evolution of the Illustrated Prezis

Many people have asked about how we do the illustrations for the Prezi presentations I build, so I thought I’d write a little about the process we go through. I say “we” because the presentations are mine, but I couldn’t do them without the help of an incredibly talented illustrator, Mat Moore. We’ve worked together on illustrating books and presentations for three years now, and I’m pretty sure that Mat can now read my mind. Our process now goes something like this. I call Mat and say “I need a new illustration, as detailed as possible (translation: I’m paying...

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Future of Working

For the last three weeks, in preparation for a presentation, I’ve been thinking a lot about the Future of Working.  Not the Future of Careers per se, but the future of working and work-life – what will it be like to work in the year 2020? So after much thinking (usually while doing mundane tasks like weeding gardens and sanding the house), discussions with other futurists, reading, and consideration of the outside pressures on the workplace and work-life, I’ve built a new presentation on the Future of Working.  I do have an audio transcript, which I hope to have...

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What skills should we be teaching to future-proof an education?

Some time last year I spent quite a bit of time reflecting on what skills we could be focusing on in higher education to “future-proof” a degree.  What skills will stay relevant no matter what future careers look like?  There are two frameworks used and endorsed in K-12 education: Partnership for 21st Century Skills and Equipped for the Future. I felt that the lists not quite right for adults that are returning or seeking an education.  Here is the list that I developed, and a link to the Prezi that includes many video resources that correspond with the skills....

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Levers of Change in Higher Education

Here’s the latest Prezi on Levers of Change in Higher Education. We’ve seen many major industries undergo dramatic change in the last decade (i.e. manufacturing, newspapers, and customer service).  While education seems “untouchable” to those within the system, there are many “levers of change” that have the potential for dramatic restructuring of higher education as well.  Online courses, adaptive computer assessment systems, open-source textbooks, edupunks, pay-by-the-month degrees, … these are just some of the levers that are prying at the corners of higher education.  In this presentation I will identify many of the levers of change that have the potential to shift higher education, resources to learn more about these, and a few scenarios that describe some of the possible futures of higher education. You can also watch the video of the live presentation here. Levers of Change in Higher Education on Prezi Possibly Related Posts: Reimagining Calculus Keynote Adjuncts shouldn’t have to fix a broken system Financial Aid, WGU, and OIG 100 Technology Skills for Today’s Workforce Learning at Scale Slides from...

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Playing to Learn?

This is a rebuild of the Presentation I did in Texas called “Playing to Learn Math?” It is focused on a general audience in education and includes many more games and simulations than the prior version.  Before you click through, think about this … 99% of boys aged 12-17 play video games 94% of girls aged 12-17 play video games 50% of teens played video games “yesterday” Pew Research, Teens, Video Games, and Civics, 2008 Since 2006, the rate of Internet use for teens aged 12-17 has been 93-94%, with roughly 40% using the Internet “Several Times a Day”...

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