The Scratching Post I Wish We Had

One year ago, a happy birth
Gave us a kitten, full of mirth.
The little kitten had some claws;
Our house of wood gave me a pause…

I’ll buy a scratching post, I said.
He: I’ll build you one instead.
A playful masterpiece for cats,
With tunnels, stairs, wood posts and flats.

Alas, by now it’s been a year.
And kitten claws have made it clear.
The easy chair is wearing thin,
The wood furniture has lost its skin.

Where, oh where is the promised post?
Of the finished product I’d like to boast.
A purchase I think I’ll now pursue.
Then when he finishes… I’ll have two!

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Thoughts on the Honey-Do List

Oh what is a man to do with his life
Without clear commands and input from his wife?
One fears he would wander and drift through each day
without a clear goal or the good sense to say
“Pray tell my dear lady what would you like me to do
in order to make this day perfect for you?”

But lo and behold what do the wise Wives provide,
but a list for us poor men to use as a guide.
Now some men may say this list is a gift,
and failure to adhere to it may cause a rift.
But those that are wise and experienced in years,
look on this rare gift and it brings them to tears.

For you see, just as one task is done and complete
the list is amended to include two more feats!

author: Joel Andersen (who will never get his own blog, so I am republishing his “comment” on my “Ode to my new closet light” here)

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A Tree…

I think this week I’ve been a little inspired by the “Poetry Sunday” at our church. Below is one of my favorite poems… I received it in a birthday card several years ago and I don’t know who the author is. The card went in to some pile of papers, and ironically I rediscovered it about the time that we lost the huge tree in the front yard of our old house. It seemed like a good eulogy for the tree (I cried when that tree came down. It was a great tree and much older than me.) I recopied the poem and it has been next to my computer ever since.

A tree, if it ever found a voice,
Could tell us some things about life:
Be patient –
reaching your potential takes time.
Bow to storms –
they pass quickly.
Appreciate the seasons –
for even as they change,
They create a rich and complete life.

I tried to find a picture of the tree when it was still alive and healthy (it started to loudly crack as the two main trunks pulled apart)… but I don’t seem to have any. But I did remember, as I was looking through pictures, that fall is just around the corner, and sometimes we are really gifted by mother nature with a miraculous display of fall colors on campus. I hope that this is one of those years.

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An Ode to my new closet light

An ode to my new closet light,
It makes my clothes’ colors so bright.
On “the list” for a year,
With completion … unclear.
Now no more little “honey-do” fights.

(okay, at least not about that particular item, for which I am really truly grateful as the old light took 27 seconds to actually light up, and the light was extremely poor)

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